Front Office Organizational Chart And Duty Responsibilities In 5 Star Hotels


Front Office Organizational Chart

The Front Office is one of the most important departments in the hotel as they are the first point of contact for guests. As every hotelier knows, they create the initial impression of the hotel and a positive experience can greatly influence guest satisfaction and loyalty. In this post, we will go through the Front Office Organizational Chart and explain all the duties and responsibilities for each role.

Front-Office-Organizational-Chart-1 Front Office Organizational Chart And Duty Responsibilities In 5 Star Hotels

As you can see above the Front Office Organizational Chart for 5-star large hotels now we will go through the main roles and responsibilities of Front Office Department.

Front Office Main Roles, Their Duties And Responsibilities

Front Office Manager

At the top of the Front Office Organizational Chart, of course stands the Front Office Manager. He is the one in charge of the department and reports directly to the Operation Manager or General Manager of the hotel. As a Front Office Manager in a hotel, his main role revolves around overseeing and managing all aspects of the front office operations to ensure smooth functioning and excellent guest experiences. Front Office Manager handle guest inquiries, requests, and complaints promptly and professionally, aiming to exceed guest expectations at every opportunity. He leads and manages the front office team, including receptionists, concierge, bell staff, and night auditors. This involves recruiting, training, scheduling, and supervising staff to ensure they deliver high-quality service consistently. For the full role, job description and complete duties & responsibilities have a look into the other page.

Assistant Front Office Manager

As you’ve seen the Front Office Organizational Chart above, you noticed that the Assistant Front Office Manager stands second in charge in the hierarchy. His main role is to support the Front Office Manager in overseeing the daily operations of the front office department and in supervising front desk agents, concierge staff, and other front office personnel. This includes providing guidance, training, and support to ensure that staff deliver high-quality service consistently. Assistant Front Office Manager also assist in ensuring that guests receive exceptional service throughout their stay. This involves assisting with check-ins and check-outs, addressing guest inquiries and concerns, and ensuring that guest requests are fulfilled promptly. In a short way, he plays a crucial role in managing the staff, optimizing processes, and upholding the hotel’s standards of excellence.

Guest Relations Manager & Executive

The Guest Relations Manager is responsible for creating memorable experiences for guests by engaging with them throughout their stay. This involves greeting guests upon arrival, addressing any concerns or special requests, and ensuring that their needs are met promptly. She also serves as a point of contact for guests who may have issues or complaints during their stay. They are skilled in conflict resolution and strive to resolve any issues to the guest’s satisfaction while maintaining the hotel’s standards. They are also in charge when guests have unique preferences or requests, and the Guest Relations Manager works to accommodate these requests whenever possible. Whether it’s arranging special amenities in the room or coordinating special events, they ensure that guests feel valued and appreciated. Guest relations executive does pretty much the same and she reports to the Guest Relations Manager.

Reservation Manager / Revenue Manager

Reservation Manager belongs also to the Front Office Organizational Chart and he is in charge of maximizing occupancy, revenue, and overall profitability for a hotel. The Reservation Manager oversees the hotel’s reservation system, ensuring that bookings are accurately recorded and managed. This includes monitoring room availability, processing reservations, and updating the system with any changes or cancellations. Providing excellent guest service is important in the reservation process as the Reservation Manager ensures that guests receive prompt and courteous assistance when making reservations, and that any special requests or preferences are accommodated to the best of their ability. In some properties there might be Reservation Manager and Revenue Manager, while the Reservation Manager focuses mainly on managing bookings and inventory, the Revenue Manager takes a broader strategic approach to optimizing revenue and profitability across all revenue streams within the hotel.

Night Auditor

Another important position in the Front Office Organizational Chart is as well the Night Auditor where he plays an important role in maintaining the operational efficiency, financial accuracy, and guest satisfaction of the hotel during the overnight hours. Night Auditor conducts financial audits to reconcile daily transactions, including room charges, payments, and other revenue sources. Verifying the accuracy of guest folios, ensuring that charges are correctly posted and discrepancies are resolved. They are also in charge of reparing and distributing financial reports, such as the daily revenue report, to management and relevant departments. From time to time they also assist guests with check-in and check-out procedures during overnight hours and also handling late-night arrivals or departures, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for guests.

Concierge Supervisor

The role of Concierge Supervisor in the front office of a hotel is essential for ensuring exceptional guest service and seamless coordination of guest activities and requests. They oversee the day-to-day operations of the concierge desk, ensuring that guests receive prompt, courteous, and personalized service. Concierge supervisor supervise a team of concierge staff, providing guidance, training, and support to ensure high performance and adherence to service standards. To know and learn more about duties and responsibilities of Concierge team and its importance to the Hotel Industry, have a look in our other post.


In a 5-star hotel, receptionists play a very important role as they are often the first point of contact for guests, providing them with essential services and information to ensure a pleasant stay. Their main role basically is to welcome guests upon arrival, assisting them with the check-in process, and ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. Than to Provide guests with room keys, explaining hotel amenities, and answering any questions they may have about their stay.

Telephone Supervisor

The Telephone Supervisor in the front office of a hotel is in charge of managing the hotel’s communication systems and ensuring efficient and professional handling of incoming and outgoing calls. They are supervising the telephone operators and receptionists who handle incoming calls, ensuring that they adhere to established procedures and provide excellent customer service. A telephone supervisor monitor performance and provide feedback to telephone operators and receptionists to help them improve their skills and meet performance targets. They are also assisting guests with inquiries, requests, and reservations over the phone, providing information about room availability, rates, and hotel amenities.

Bell Captain

A Bell Captain greets arriving guests with a warm and friendly demeanor, assisting them with luggage and escorting them to the check-in area. They provide guests with information about hotel services, facilities, and amenities, and answering any questions they may have. Their main responsibility is to offer assistance with transportation arrangements, valet parking, and other guest needs upon arrival. They ensure that luggage is handled with care and stored securely, following hotel procedures and safety guidelines and retrieve luggage for departing guests, assisting with loading it into vehicles or storing it in the luggage room until departure.

Front Office Organizational Chart can be slight different in smaller hotels but for large 5-star hotels is as mentioned and descripted above. Keep in mind that we didn’t go through their full roles, duties, and responsibilities, we just touch the main roles and main responsibility for the organizational chart purpose.

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