Hygiene And Grooming In The Hotel Industry


Hygiene And Grooming In The Hotel Industry

In this article, we will discuss the importance of hygiene and grooming in the hotel industry. As any hotelier probably knows, in any service, guests will always judge the property, its food and drinks, according to what the establishment looks like and whether it’s clean or not. In the same way, they will also look at you and your grooming and make judgments based on how hygienic you are and what you look like. That means that your hygiene and grooming will influence what guests think about you and your property.


As you should already know, hygiene and grooming in the hotel industry are very important to maintain. Something is hygienic if it is in a clean state which helps to keep people or in our case, guests healthy and prevents them from getting sick. In other words, if you constantly clean your place of work it will be hygienic. Your restaurant, bar, or any place of work at your hotel will be a healthy place because all the germs and dirt have been removed.

Appearance And Grooming

Appearance or grooming in the hotel industry has a significant role in overall guest satisfaction and the hotel’s success. If we talk about someone’s appearance, we are talking about what they look like and how they appear to us. But as hoteliers, we need to ask ourselves some questions: Do we look good enough to work in a 5-star hotel? Is our grooming to our hotel’s standard? Are we neat and dressed in the correct uniform? Are we clean, and is our uniform cleaned? And of course, working in a 5-star hotel the answer to these questions should be “yes”, meaning that we look the part before the service starts.

Maintaining Hygiene And Grooming In The Hotel Industry

  1. Bathing And Body Odour
    It is absolutely crucial that you never ever smell bad or have a bad buddy odour while you are working at your hotel. If you smell bad, your guests won’t be able to focus on the amazing dishes chefs have prepared or the great cocktails bartenders have made, and mainly because of your stench. So to avoid that, make sure you are always smelling fresh, clean, and ready for service. You need to be a person who baths or showers with soup before service. This will clean any dirt off your body and remove any body odour from the dirt. Also, make sure to use deodorant or antiperspirant not only to feel clean but to smell good too. Both will make you smell good, especially antiperspirant will stop you from sweating throughout the day.
  2. Teeth And Breath
    Just like having bad body odour, having bad breath can also be unpleasant for your guests. Of course, they don’t want to smell the garlic you had on your pizza for lunch. To avoid having bad breath make sure to brush your teeth every morning and every evening, as well as after meals. This will keep your teeth clean, free from infection, free from tooth decay, and smelling fresh. Keep in mind to avoid eating foods that cause bad breath before service like garlic or onions.
  3. Face
    Your face should always look fresh and clean. Men should be neatly shaven, or if you have a mustache or beard, it must be trimmed neatly. For ladies, make-up should be light and natural not heavy or caky. The make-up ladies wear, should be understood and natural, with shaded such as browns and beiges – not blue or green eyeshadows. The same goes for lipstick, natural; colors with no bright reds or pinks.
  4. Hands And Nails
    When it comes to hygiene and grooming in the hotel industry, hands & nails are another important part of the body that we should always pay attention to. Before, during, and after service you will be touching objects and surfaces that will come into contact with the guests and their food or drinks. This means it is crucial that your hands and nails are clean. To keep your hands clean, wash them thoroughly and regularly, especially after using the toilet, smoking, and handling waste. When you wash your hands, it is important that you use warm water and soup, and to wash in-between the fingers and under the nails. Your nails should not only be clean, but also short and neat. If ladies wear nail polish, it should always be clear.
  5. Hair
    When it comes to grooming in the hotel industry, especially to the hair, we need to keep it simple. Your hair should always be clean and neat. Ladies with long hair should tie their hair back or up neatly and shorter hairstyles should be neat and kept out of their face. If hair accessories, such as clips or hair bands are worn, they should be plain and match the rest of your uniform. Man should keep their hair neatly cut and tapered, and you should always ensure that your hair does not extend below your shirt collar.
  6. Jewellery
    Jewellery should be always kept to a minimum and be understated. More specifically, wedding rings are allowed, as well as small studs or sleepers on ladies. Fine chains are worn for religious reasons and generally allowed too but should be tucked in or hidden. The main point is that you don’t want jewellery falling into your guests’ drinks! If you have visible piercings that aren’t in your earlobes, such as lip or tongue rings, these should be taken out.


In this part, we will go through the importance of uniforms and it’s connection to the grooming in the hotel industry. Let’s start first with the purpose of the uniform.

The Purpose Of The Uniform
Name-Badge-1024x538 Hygiene And Grooming In The Hotel Industry

Probably the most important thing about a uniform, is that gives you and your hotel an identity. In other words, it shows guests who you are and who you work for. When guests see you wearing a uniform, they will instantly know that you work at this property. Another important thing about the uniform is that creates a sense of teamwork and community. In the same way that you wear the same uniform as your colleagues, you also have the same goals as those colleagues, to offer excellent service to your guests.

The Different Parts That Make Up A Uniform

Uniforms are one of the most important things when it comes to grooming in the hotel industry. Before getting into the details of each thing that makes up a uniform, it is important to say that these are general rules of the uniform.

  • The Whole Uniform
    Your uniform should always be cleaned, ironed, and in good condition. When your guests notice that your uniform is not cleaned or in good condition, there is no way that they’ll believe you will be able to look after them.
  • The Fit Of The Uniform
    Ensure that your uniform fits well. A uniform that is too small or very large will make you feel and look very uncomfortable. If it’s too big, it will look untidy and get in the way.
  • Name Badge
    If you wear a name badge at your hotel, it should be straight, visible, and clean. This way, guests can call you by your name, which already makes them feel more at home.
  • Shirt
    If you wear a collared shirt at your hotel, they should be tucked in, and the buttons should be buttoned and aligned with your belt buckle. Your collar must be turned down and always check the cuffs of your shirt to make sure that they aren’t dirty.
  • Pants And Skirts
    Your pants should be the correct length and only just rest on your shoes. If they are too long they will look untidy and over time will get damaged. If your pants are too short your ankles will show and will look silly. If you wear a skirt should be the correct length according to your hotel’s standard. Your belt buckle should be of a simple design, and your belt should match the color of your shoes, don’t forget to always check your fly before service.
  • Socks
    Your socks should look fresh, and clean, and match the color of your pants, not your shoes. Ladies wearing stockings should ensure that there aren’t any holes, ladders, or snags in them.
  • Shoes
    Your shoes should be cleaned and polished with your laces tied and of a simple design. You should try to not get attention to your feet. Ladies should wear flat shoes or shoes with a slight heel. Open-toed shoes shouldn’t be worn, because they can look untidy and leave your toes exposed, which can be dangerous.
  • Pockets
    If you have pockets in your uniform, don’t stuff them with things like keys or your mobile phone. Not only they will bulge, but your personal belongings should be kept away.
  • Waistcoats And Jackets
    If you wear a waistcoat or jacket, the bottom button should be left traditionally unbuttoned. There is no practical reason for that but will give a sign to your guests that you are a professional. Also ensure that the cinch strap – the strap at the back of your waistcoat is adjusted correctly and not too tight.
  • Aprons
    If you wear an apron, it should be clean, secure, and neatly tied.
  • Tie
    If you wear a tie as part of your uniform, make sure you know how to tie it correctly. Also, ensure that the knot is centered beneath your collar and that the narrow end doesn’t show.

Keep in mind that hygiene and grooming in the hotel industry are very important elements as they directly impact the guest experience and satisfaction. Maintaining high standards of hygiene and grooming is essential for hotels to create a positive impression on guests and ensure their comfort and satisfaction during their stay at your property.

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