Role of The Concierge in Hotels And Its History


Role of The Concierge in Hotels And Its History

Hoteliers or people who don’t work in the hotel industry and have been inside a luxury or a 5 star hotel, have noticed in the main entrance, a similar desk to reception and have seen written the word “Concierge” but never understood the meaning or the role of it. The concierge, which belongs to Front Office Department, plays an important role in enhancing the hotel’s overall guest experience. Their services contribute to customer satisfaction, convenience, and the impression of luxury. The role of the Concierge and its services are a specific and personalized aspect of hospitality that goes beyond the traditional roles of guest satisfaction. They are more like a personal assistant for hotel guests, typically found in luxury hotels, resorts, and high-end facilities. Concierge services are meant to serve the unique needs and preferences of guests. Let’s dive a bit more into the role of the concierge in hotels and their main services.

Role of The Concierge And Its Services:

Guest Assistance

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Providing excellent guest assistance in concierge services is important for creating a positive and memorable experience for guests. Whether in a hotel, luxury apartment building, or another hospitality facility, the concierge serves as a resource for guests, helping them with various needs and requests such as making reservations, booking tickets, and providing information about local attractions and events. They act as a bridge and a connection between the hotel and the outside world, making sure guests have everything they need.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is an important element of concierge services, as it allows concierge staff to provide valuable information about the local area, including recommendations for dining, shopping, and tourist attractions. The concierge team needs to create and make relationships with local businesses, restaurants, tour operators, and other service providers. On the same note, they have to attend local events, business meetings, and community gatherings to stay connected.

Security and Assistance

The Role of the Concierge is also very important when it comes to ensuring the security and safety of guests. They may monitor the entrance, assist with luggage, and coordinate with other hotel staff to address security concerns. The concierge team needs to Implement secure procedures for verifying the identity of guests, especially during check-in. Management needs to make sure to train all the concierge staff in security protocols, including how to handle suspicious activities and report incidents.

Personalized Service

Concierges offer personalized services to meet individual guest needs, such as arranging transportation, securing event tickets, or giving suggestions for places to visit, dining or any other advice. By continually refining your approach based on guest feedback and staying attuned to individual preferences, you can create a truly memorable and personalized hospitality experience.

VIP Treatment

For VIP guests, the concierge can arrange special amenities, such as welcome gifts, room upgrades, or access to exclusive services, elevating the overall guest experience. They might need to arrange a private entrance and check-in area to provide a smooth and exclusive arrival experience.

Problem Resolution

Effective problem resolution is a crucial aspect of concierge services, as it directly impacts the guest experience. If guests encounter issues or have special requests, the concierge is often the go-to person for problem resolution. They work to address concerns promptly and efficiently.

Have a look at the video below to have a better understanding of the role of the concierge, its importance in a 5 star hotel, duties and responsibilities and a day in the life of a concierge.

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History of Concierge In Hotels – How it Started?

The role of the concierge in hotels has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the Middle Ages. The term “concierge” originated from the French term “comte des cierges“, meaning “keeper of the candles.” Back then, the concierge was responsible for maintaining the lighting in medieval castles, ensuring that candles were set at the right times.

Over time, concierge role evolved and by the 19th century, concierges in France had become trusted custodians of apartment buildings. They were responsible for various tasks, including receiving and delivering messages, coordinating services for residents, and handling basic administrative duties. The concierge became a central figure in many communities, known for their reliability and resourcefulness.

As the hospitality industry expanded in the late 19th century, luxury hotels sought to differentiate themselves by providing personalized services to their guests. The concept of a concierge evolved to a dedicated service professional who could assist guests with a wide range of requests and gained popularity.

One of the earliest hotels to adopt the concierge concept was the Ritz Hotel in Paris, which opened in 1898. César Ritz, the founder, wanted to offer a level of service that went beyond the ordinary. He introduced the position of concierge to cater to the unique requirements and preferences of each guest. The role quickly spread to other luxury hotels around the world.

The concierge became a symbol of sophistication and personalized service in the hotel industry. Their responsibilities expanded to include making reservations, arranging transportation, providing local information, and fulfilling various guest requests. The concierge acted as a bridge between the hotel and the local community, offering guests a seamless and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Today, the role of the concierge is an essential component of a hotel’s guest services. Their services contribute to the overall satisfaction of guests by providing convenience, personalized assistance, and a sense of luxury. Their role in making guests feel valued and well cared for adds to the overall appeal of the hotel and fosters loyalty among guests who appreciate the extra level of service and attention to detail. These services also play a big role in creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere, distinguishing the hotel in a competitive market. The evolution of the concierge from a medieval candle-keeper to a key player in the hospitality industry reflects the enduring importance of personalized service in the world of luxury accommodations.

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