Bar Captain Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements

Barter Job Description
Bar Captain Job Description

What Is a Bar Captain?

Another very important role, or position in the hotel industry is the one of the bar captain. You might have heard and know the bar supervisor role but you might not be aware of the bar captain job description and its role. Well, a bar captain sometimes referred to as a head bartender or bar supervisor which is a very important role in the hospitality industry, especially in bars and restaurants.

This position requires a mix of leadership, customer service skills, mixology expertise, and organizational abilities. To put it briefly, a bar captain is essentially the leader of the bar staff. They oversee the operations of the bar, ensuring smooth functioning and providing excellent customer service. This includes overseeing the staff, ensuring the guests are happy, managing inventory (like alcohol and supplies), and sometimes even creating new drink recipes. They’re basically the go-to person for anything related to the bar. Let’s go more into the full bar captain job description, their duties, requirements, responsibilities, and why they’re important.

Bar Captain Job Description

Bar Captain Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements
Position Title: Bar Captain
Department: Food & Beverage
Reports to: Outlet Supervisor or Restaurant Manager
Main Position Role:
To supervise the day-to-day operations of the bar. This includes making sure the bar is clean, stocked with drinks and supplies, and that everything is working properly. When needed to serve beverages and/or food to the guests in a friendly, courteous and timely manner, resulting in guest satisfaction, also to prepare beverages for other servers to supply to guests, act as cashier for the outlet.

Essential Functions And Examples Of Duties

Average percentage of timeBar Captain Job Description – Duties And Essential Functions
20 %Maintains proper and adequate set-up of the bar on a daily basis, this includes requisitioning and stocking of all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, straws, stirrers, condiments, and produce based on projections from the daily function sheet, hotel occupancy, par stock. Responsible for the daily inventory update, and physically count on a daily basis, and in case of any variance or over report straight to the outlet in charge.
20 %Responsible for maintaining stock, cutting, and storing of all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices, and other perishables daily to ensure product quality.
15 %Greets guests in a courteous and friendly manner, and promotes documents orders for drinks. Mixes garnishes and presents drinks using standard ingredient recipes and practicing prudent portion control, checks guests for proper identification, detects and acts upon guest inebriation as trained, and demonstrates knowledge of liquor laws.
15 %Inputs orders into a register at the point of sale and creates a check for each guest and personnel guests, including those served by other beverage servers, to maintain accountability of all beverages served.
15 %Receives cash from guests, makes any change needed, and verifies validity of charges, and records. Charges and vouchers are properly executed, in order to balance all amounts of money.
15 %Locks up and stores all beverage, food, and other equipment items, deposits cash drops.

Bar Captain Duties And Responsibilities:

In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following other duties, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by management based upon the particular requirements of the company.

  • Securing consistent and convincing services and adherence to all the service standards and Hilton policies
  • Ongoing promotion of additional sales
  • Participation in internal meetings and training courses
  • Care of guests in accordance with the standards from the time they enter the outlet to the time they leave it
  • Conscientious and correct implementation of the supervisors’ directives
  • Active promotion of in-house sales by optimal knowledge of all the services provided by the hotel and the opening times and promotions of all F&B outlets.
  • Take over from the previous shift and obtain information at the start of the shift on all relevant information on the volume of business, VIP guests, tasks to be clarified and to be completed, and special events or pass this on to the next shift.
  • Is responsible for ensuring mise-en-place work and making sure that the workplace is left clean.
  • Secure handling of the micros cash system. Drawing up bills at the end of the working day. Correct booking and, if appropriate, cashing up of all services provided.
  • Safe handling of all the technical equipment to be used
  • Performs duties behind the bar. He/she may be required to also perform outside of the bar as a Bar Waiter.
  • Helps his colleagues if necessary.
  • Your station is your responsibility and must be clean, orderly, and properly prepared to give efficient service prior to the bar opening.
  • Has a complete knowledge of all drinks listed on the menu, and must be able to prepare cocktails, high balls, and on-the-rock drinks.
  • Be familiar with the proper glass and garniture for each drink.
  • Always have a smile and be courteous and pleasant with the guests.
  • Complies with the procedures for the requisitioning of supplies and beverages.
  • Maintains the indicated par stock.
  • Be familiar with proper sanitation procedures.
  • Maintains good public relations and exercises diplomacy in dealing with guests.
  • Makes and leaves sufficient mise en place.
  • Performs other duties assigned by his / her Supervisor.
  • Maintenance of a fast and good service.
  • Cocktails, mocktails, spirits, wine, and all alcohol knowledge

Bar Captain Requirements, Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities:

The bar captain must possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities and be able to explain and demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.

  • Must have basic knowledge of food and beverage preparation and service of various alcoholic beverages.
  • Basic mathematical skills necessary to operate a cash register, make change, total guest checks, count total bank, prepare cash drops, total all other charges, and understand portion sizes.
  • Basic leadership skills to lead and guide the team.
  • Basic English language writing skills necessary for the completion of requisitions, balance sheets, and vouchers.
  • Sufficient manual dexterity in hands in order to use a knife to make garnish, pick up glassware and bottles, scoop ice, mix drinks, and reach overhead to retrieve stock.
  • Ability to handle guest complaints, resolve problems, and manage the team in time of need.
  • Ability to read, speak, and understand the English language in order to communicate with guests and take orders.
  • Ability to remember, recite, and promote the variety of menu items.
  • Ability to operate a keyboard and point-of-sale procedures to pre-check an order and close out a check.
  • Ability to stand and work in confined spaces for long periods of time.
High School graduate or equivalent required.
Bartending work experience required for at least for 2 years.
Licenses or Certificates:
Food Service Sanitation certification. Alcohol Service permit (if state required). CPR certification preferred.. (The specific licenses or certificates required for a waiter may vary depending on local regulations and the policies of the establishment where they work)
Maintaining a tidy and well-groomed appearance is essential. You will receive detailed instructions on uniform guidelines and any necessary attire during the orientation process.
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Overall a bar captain is the backbone of a successful bar operation, mixing leadership, customer service skills, mixology expertise, and organizational abilities to deliver exceptional experiences to customers while ensuring the smooth functioning and profitability of the establishment. Their role is multifaceted and important to maintain high standards of service, quality, and safety in the hospitality industry. Keep in mind that specific “Bar Captain Job Description and Duties” may vary depending on the size and type of the hotel/bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Is A Bar Captain?

    Well, a bar captain sometimes referred to as a head bartender or bar supervisor which is a very important role in the hospitality industry, especially in bars and restaurants.

  2. What Is The Main Role Of a Bar Captain?

    To supervise the day-to-day operations of the bar. This includes making sure the bar is clean, stocked with drinks and supplies, and that everything is working properly.

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