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Setting up an outside catering event might seem hard, but with some planning and organizational skills, you can make it happen smoothly. Whether it’s for a wedding, a company event, or just a backyard party, above will share a very important Food & Beverages SOP, in regards of how to set up an outside catering. Regardless of the event, those main general steps will help you get everything ready for a great event.

Before we share below the SOP of how to set up an outside catering event, there are some points to keep in mind:

How To Set Up An Outside Catering – Points To Follow:

  • Understanding The Type Of The Event
    First and the most important key element when it comes to how to set up an outside catering is to talk to your client and get all the details of the events. Find out how many people are coming, what kind of event it is, and where it will be held. Also, ask if there are any special food needs, like vegetarian or gluten-free options. Understanding what the client wants will help you plan better.
  • Plan the Menu
    The menu is a big part of the event. Make sure it fits the theme and the guests’ tastes. Include a mix of appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts. Think about any dietary restrictions and offer options for everyone. A good variety will keep all the guests happy. Get to know the beverages requirements, if the client needs alcoholic beverages, maybe classic cocktails, wine or just soft beverages.
  • Site inspection And Setup Logistics
    Visit the event location to see the space and figure out the logistics. Look for important things like water, electricity, and trash bins. Plan where you’ll set up the kitchen, serving tables, and seating. Make sure there’s enough room for your staff to move around and for guests to get their food easily.
  • Get the Right Equipment
    Based on your venue visit, list all the equipment you need. This includes cooking tools, serving dishes, tables, chairs, and decorations. If the event is outside, think about renting a tent or canopy to protect from weather.
  • Hire and Organize Staff
    Get enough staff to help with cooking, serving, and cleaning up. Assign clear roles so everyone knows what to do. A well-organized team can handle any last-minute changes. Make sure your staff knows about food safety and how to be friendly with guests.
  • Prepare and Transport Food
    Prepare as much food as you can ahead of time to save stress on the event day. Some dishes might need to be cooked or put together at the venue to keep them fresh. Plan how to transport the food safely, using insulated containers to keep it at the right temperature.
  • Set Up and Serve
    This is the main key point when it comes to how to set up an outside catering Arrive early at the venue to set everything up. Arrange the food stations and seating area as planned. Make sure the buffet or serving area looks good and is easy for guests to use. Label food items, especially those with common allergens. Keep an eye on the food and refill dishes as needed.
  • Clean Up and Pack Up
    After the event, clean the site thoroughly. Collect all your equipment, dispose of trash properly, and leave the venue clean. Get feedback from the client and guests to learn what went well and what could be better next time.

SOP – How To Set Up An Outside Catering

Now that you know all the key points of organizing an event, will have a look into the full SOP of how to setup an outside catering.

SOP Name:How To Set up An Outside Catering Event
Department:Banqueting – Food And Beverages
Purpose:To Accurately Set-Up Banquet Function for Outside Catering Service
Establishment:Banquet – Outside Catering

Action/SituationHow To Do It
All The Instructions  Chef and Banquet Manager must do a site inspection, at least 2 days before the event
 List all the necessary items according to the event order
 Collect the items and store them in the designated area.
 Check the items according to the list
 All equipment, linen, and cutlery must be well wrapped, recorded, and marked to avoid omissions or damage.
 If necessary, organize and assign an engineering associate for the outside catering
 If needed, should arrange associate lunch box from the hotel canteen
 Arrange and get all the associates together to be briefed on the event and the plan
 Prepare a mobile phone for the person in charge in case of any emergency
 Before loading the truck, check the items again, to ensure no missing items.
 Check again after offloading items when arriving onsite
Set up the tables according to the event order and by following the setup sop
Check all the details after finishing set up
Have a briefing half-hour before the guest arrives, inform all notice and service standard
Collect, count, and pack all the dirty cutlery, chinaware, glassware, and silverware after the event. Unused ones must be packed separately
Ensure all untouched food is returned to the hotel
The Steward Department should make a breakage report for the outside catering
Ensure all equipment is packed and counted properly. Such as microphone, AV, etc…
Transport all the items back to the hotel
Empty all garbage bins before departure
Ensure the catering site is cleaned and tidy before departure
Ensure the organizer settles the bill
Get guest comments and feedback
Organize the associates to offload when the truck arrives at the hotel

After reading and putting into practice all the above SOP on how to set up an outside catering event, you will understand that setting up an outside catering event takes planning and teamwork. By understanding what the event needs, planning a varied menu, checking out the venue, getting the right equipment, hiring and organizing staff, preparing and transporting food safely, and providing good service, you can make the event a success and keep your clients and their guests happy.

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