Room Attendant Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements

Room attendant job description
Duties and responsibilities of room attendant

Room Attendant Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements

Down below we will go through the full room attendant job description, duties, responsibilities, and requirements. Before that, you must know that as a room attendant, your roles and duties are diverse and always related to the overall satisfaction of your guests. By following certain duties and fulfilling certain roles, you should be able to meet and then exceed your guests’ expectations. Before we go through the room attendant job description, let’s discuss some of their roles.

Room-attendant-role Room Attendant Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements

You must know that a room attendant has many roles other than just cleaning. You have to be many different people at once. This is what makes the role of a housekeeper so challenging and exciting. Firstly you have to be a detective, constantly looking under the bed and checking the laundry trolley for guests’ personal belongings. You also play the role of a “nurse” in your hotel, ensuring that guests avoid illness at all costs. A nurse has to prepare a room and a bathroom so that it is properly cleaned and sanitized before the patient arrives. This is no different from how you prepare a room for your guests.

Among the rest of their duties, a room attendant needs to be able to interact with their guests’ needs and anticipate their preferences. For example, if a guest doesn’t like the pillows because they are too hard, you will have to find them softer pillows. Or perhaps they take only whiskey from the mini bar, you would then ensure that the mini bar is always stocked with extra bottles of whiskey. Being a room attendant is all about anticipating your guests’ needs. When you have delivered this kind of service, you leave the guest with a great impression of the hotel and its high standards.

To ensure that your hotel is clean, tidy, and inviting for guests, you have to fulfill the below-mentioned duties & responsibilities which are part of the room attendant job description.

Room Attendant Job Description

Room Attendant Job Description – Duties, Responsibilities, And Requirements
Position Title: Room Attendant
Department: Housekeeping
Reports to: Room Attendant Supervisor / Floor in charge / Housekeeping Supervisor
Main Position Role:
Responsible for the overall cleanliness of assigned rooms/suites. Reports maintenance deficiencies in order
to maintain rooms/suites in compliance with standards.

Essential Functions And Duties

Average percentage
of time
Room Attendant Job Description – Duties And Essential Functions
60 %Clean rooms/ suites, as assigned, which includes: making beds, cleaning bathrooms,
dusting, vacuuming, and washing windows/tracks. Reports rooms as clean and available.
Reports maintenance deficiencies in order to maintain rooms in compliance with hotel
10 %Strip dirty linens/towels and remove used amenities from room/suite.
10 %Check the maid cart for supplies, and stock as needed.
05 %Greet guests immediately with friendly/sincere acknowledgement.
05 %Replenish linen and guest amenities.
05 %Clean balconies, if applicable.
05 %Respond to special requests by guests (such as providing extra amenities or service time

Room Attendant Duties And Responsibilities:

In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of
the following supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined
by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of the company.

  • Provide customer service to guests, including information about hotel services, activities and local
  • Clean and sanitize all aspects of the guest room, including the bathroom, bedroom, and any other living areas.
  • Change bed linens, towels, and other linens in the room according to hotel standards and guest preferences.
  • Ensure that all guest amenities such as toiletries, coffee supplies, and stationery are replenished and neatly arranged.
  • Dust all surfaces and vacuum carpets or mop floors to maintain cleanliness.
  • Check all room equipment such as lights, TVs, and air conditioning to ensure they are in working order.
  • Report any maintenance issues such as broken fixtures or malfunctioning appliances to the maintenance department.
  • Organize and arrange furniture and decor in the room to ensure a neat and welcoming environment for guests.
  • Follow all safety procedures and protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and themselves.
  • Follow all hotel policies and procedures regarding room cleaning, guest privacy, and security.
  • Assist guests with requests such as delivering extra amenities or providing information about hotel facilities.
  • Respect guest privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Work closely with other hotel staff, such as housekeeping supervisors and maintenance personnel, to ensure efficient operations and guest satisfaction.

Room Attendant Requirements, Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities:

The room attendant must possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities and be able to explain and
demonstrate that he or she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable

  • Ability to arrive to work on time and when scheduled.
  • Physically able to move large objects such as carts, large bags of linen, ironing board.
  • Physically able to operate cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, brooms, spray bottles.
  • Ability to read and recognize room/suite numbers.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with guests and team members verbally or in written form.
  • Ability to learn, follow and enforce standards for cleanliness as they apply to all aspects of suite.
  • Ability to follow all safety procedures/standards and able to recognize and act in emergency situations.
High School graduate or equivalent preferred but not necessary.
6 months to 1 year cleaning experience in housekeeping or janitorial services preferred.
Licenses or Certificates:
No special licenses or certificates are required.
All employees must maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance. Specific uniform guidelines and/or
required articles of clothing will be explained to you as a part of the orientation process.

Now that you know the full room attendant job description, you will realize that the room attendant are simple and straightforward, but there are many of them and you have to complete in such a short space of time. This is why checklists and systems are so important. So essentially, a room attendant is a multi-tasking superhero who has to whizz through a room and turn it into a clean and tidy room within a very short time.

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